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Each environment is a set of runtime variables for an application.
You can create separate environments for dev/test/production and for different applications.

# Access these environments using the client

> npm install -g keys-cli

# Run command and select environment

> keys [your command] # vars loaded

# Alternatively, pass the environment name

> keys -e [env-name] [your command]

# You can create environments from the shell, too

> cat .env | keys --import -e "My Env"

> echo 'A=1\nB=2' | keys -i -e "Anotha One"

There are other ways to access environments from within your code; client libraries are available for many platforms.
Please enter your password to decrypt environment data.

Click variable names and values to edit. Use the keys client to load this environment for your software at runtime.
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Access tokens provide asynchronous access

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Other Actions

Delete Environment

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Access Tokens are shared alternate passwords for a single environment. They can be supplied as a command line argument to the client, so you don't have to enter credentials interactively to fetch environments.
Use of access tokens is less secure than other runtime authentication methods. However, some additional measures are taken to prevent unauthorized use.


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    Decrypt and load environment variables and secrets at runtime.

    Bad Username or Password
    Initializing keys 2.5.0 (latest) https://keys.cm
    AuthSuccess for superdev@example.com
    DEV                   TEST               PROD
    [1] goolybib-dev      [4] goolybib-test  [6] optimoji-prod
    [2] sliceline-dev     [5] sliceline-test [7] sliceline-prod
    [3] optimoji-dev

    Executing any_command -any_args # runs with AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY and other env vars loaded

    Environment variables are easy to change between deploys without changing any code; unlike config files, there is little chance of them being checked into the code repo accidentally; and unlike custom config files, or other config mechanisms such as Java System Properties, they are a language- and OS-agnostic standard.
    -- The Twelve-Factor App

    Keep sensitive API keys off disk; fetch at runtime. No more access tokens or other secrets in plain text files.

    Manage user and group permissions to environments. View activity and access logs.

    We never have access to your keys or other variables; they are decrypted client-side.

    Optional Two-Factor (2FA) Authentication. Analysis of client requests for protection from anomalous access attempts.

    Prevent accidental or unauthorized damage to production with centralized configuration management.

    Simplify your runtime configurations during development. Stop juggling .env files.

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